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The Compound

THE LOFT is LIVING YARDS DEVELOPMENTS’ first project located in the New Capital, extended on a surface of 23 acres and

offering real lofts in luxurious buildings with Post Modern British Architecture.

Luxury is a state of great comfort where there is no roof for imagination; fantasies become the only

dominant thing.

A Dream Enabler

THE LOFT is a world where imagination meets real life. It is the perfect harmony

between fanciness and practicality, to effectively achieve the desired picture for your place.

THE LOFT is what we call a dream enabler

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THE LOFT was put together by Dar Al Mimar Architects (DMA) for Architecture, and Living Yards Developments. Mastering details was key to finally bring us a compound

that bursts with fine architecture while offering a deluge of amenities and services that solve almost all of our problems.

Scenery and view have been made to surround the whole compound as 100% of buildings directly overlook the park. The commercial area of the

compound offers an exquisite shopping experience to residents.

Living the practical luxury

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